TV Show Reccomendation: The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel

So I found this show because of a Youtube ad and I’m so so happy that I watched the entire ad. Not only is this show incredibly funny but it also portrays a woman in a role that I haven’t really seen much of. Mrs. Maisel or Midge is a young woman who gets into comedy after her husband leaves her and her two children. He originally thought he was going to be the star of the comedy world but once they split up, he never really tried again. The entire show is about how Midge joins a workforce where she can be arrested for saying the wrong thing and one that is predominantly male.

Midge is a hilarious woman and I absolutely love her character. She is one that is hardly seen in a tv show set in the 1950’s because she is rude and vulgar. She is a woman meant for 2017 and yet she is stuck in a time when the only thing that is expected of her is to have children and be a good wife. While she does do her best to do these things, she also has a mind of her own and can do things for herself. Midge is someone I could see myself being friends with because while she likes a high-class life, she isn’t terrified to go into the “slums” to do what she wants.

Now her husband and parents are a different story. They are perfectly suited for the time period that they are in and I can’t really fault them for that. Her husband was someone she met while in college and for the most part, he was a good husband. At the end of the season, he does something that I really hadn’t seen coming and it really showed that he could grow. Her parents aren’t the worst but they aren’t really the best either. They have their own struggles but they really do love their daughter. I liked their dynamic that they had with their daughter because it was real. They had fights and they made up, much like a real family.

I’d really recommend this show to anyone who loves comedy but also likes shows that are real. This show is hilarious and I really loved watching it with my mum in the afternoons because it was a good way to forget about the day. That being said, this show is definitely not one for young children because there is a little nudity and a lot of swearing. Of course, you can make the judgment for yourself after watching the trailer that I’ve linked below! Have any of you guys watched this show yet?