5 Amazing Stand Alone Books!

Some people like to read contemporary books and some don’t but I thought I would talk about my 5 favorite stand alone novels! I decided to include Goodreads links instead of making this post incredibly long by including summaries of each book. I also linked my reviews of any books that I have reviews for just in case anyone is curious as to why these books are on the list.

1. Either of Jeff Zentners books

The Serpent King Goodreads linkGoodbye Days Goodreads link, The Serpent King Review link, Goodbye Days Review link

2. Lola


by Melissa Scrivner Love (Goodreads link) (review link)

3. The Roanoke Girls


by Amy Engel (Goodreads link) (Review link)

4. Love and Gelato


by Jenna Evans Welch (Goodreads link) (Review link)

5. The Night Circus


by Erin Morgenstern (Goodreads link)