April Wrap Up and May TBR

I very sadly only read two books this month and that really sucks. I’ve been incredibly busy and I know next month may have the same outcome when it comes to a number of books I get to read. I am going to set my May tbr to only a few books so I’m not as disappointed if I cannot get to them all.

But I’ve taken my first AP exam for the year and the next one is in about a week so I finally have some down time to read! I will have a review up for Strange the Dreamer on Thursday and should have reviews up weekly from now on!

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Norse Mythology ★★★★☆

4 stars

I bought this book with the intention of reading it slowly and in between other books but once I started it I decided that I needed to read it all. The book itself isn’t long so I read it in three days because I read it only at night but I’m sure this is the type of book that you can read in one day.

I’d also like to say sorry for not posting on Thursday like I normally do. I have my ap environmental exam on May 1st so I’ve spend a large majority of my time studying for that. I will have a review up on Tuesday but from then on I think most of my posts will be book tags and they probably will be shorter. My last exam will be on May 10th and so after that, I will definitely have time to write some more reviews! This, of course, is all what I think is going to happen and maybe I’ll write a review before my final exam but I thought I would at least tell everyone. 

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