The Hazelwood ★★★★★

5 stars

This book was so weird and I loved everything about it. I fell in love with this cover and it definitely drew me deeper into the story. I read this book in less than a day on my phone and I loved every second of it. There was never a dull moment and every time I would put the book down, I would think about picking it right back up.

This book comes out on January 30th, 2018

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that fact in no way affected my review in any way*

Goodreads Summary: 

Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother have spent most of Alice’s life on the road, always a step ahead of the uncanny bad luck biting at their heels. But when Alice’s grandmother, the reclusive author of a cult-classic book of pitch-dark fairy tales, dies alone on her estate, the Hazel Wood, Alice learns how bad her luck can really get: Her mother is stolen away―by a figure who claims to come from the Hinterland, the cruel supernatural world where her grandmother’s stories are set. Alice’s only lead is the message her mother left behind: “Stay away from the Hazel Wood.”

Alice has long steered clear of her grandmother’s cultish fans. But now she has no choice but to ally with classmate Ellery Finch, a Hinterland superfan who may have his own reasons for wanting to help her. To retrieve her mother, Alice must venture first to the Hazel Wood, then into the world where her grandmother’s tales began―and where she might find out how her own story went so wrong.

My Review:

I found this book while looking on NetGalley and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to read it but I got the email yesterday (today is the 21st of September). I was so excited to start reading it that I jumped right into the twisty story about Alice and her family. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into when I started reading this book but I think this was the best way to go about it.

I really liked how odd Alice was, especially after learning about her past and what exactly she’s been through. I never saw anything coming in relation to her but maybe that’s just because I never slowed down enough to give it much thought. I really enjoyed finding things out as they happened to Alice, there was never a time when I knew something that she didn’t and it just made things more interesting for me I guess.

I loved the setting of this book because it was so mystical. I think it really reminded me of the tv show The Magicians that’s on Netflix. I ended up picturing a lot of the setting like the tv show and I don’t think it was that far off. The setting was like something out of a children’s fairy tale but with a dark twist and that made it so much cooler to me. I tend to prefer books with a darker take on things like magic and so this was a really easy book for me to love.

I would highly recommend this book because it is so mystical and it’s just a book that sucks you in and doesn’t let you loose until you finish it. I think this is going to be an amazing book to read in physical form and I’m definitely going to be buying a copy once it comes out!

There are some spoilers in the next paragraph so feel free to skip those if you plan to read this book. Feel free to read them if you think you’ll forget about it by the time the book comes out. 

The only thing I didn’t see coming at all was the fact that she doesn’t end up with Finch. This was something I haven’t seen a lot of books do, in the sense that the main character doesn’t get the love interest but I actually really liked the way this happened. I think they were good together but being in Hinterland was something that changed both of them in ways they can never fully understand.