Love, Simon

It’s been a long ass two months but I’ve definitely needed this break. I’m not even sure if I’m ready to go back to posting three times a week but I have missed writing. These two months have been sososo stressful and I’m glad that I took the steps to make myself a little less stressed.

That all being said, I just have to talk about the amazing movie I just watched. Love, Simon is a gay movie and surprise, I might just be a little gay. Now, I’m only saying that because it really affected the way that I feel about this movie. This movie is not going to be the same for every person watching it but it is going to evoke different emotions from a straight person compared to someone like me. Whos come out. Whos had the fear of coming out. This movie felt like I was watching myself work through everything that was going on in my life, even if the situation was different.

Enough about me though, this movie was amazing. I cried at least four times because I couldn’t help but relate to so much of what was going on. The fear that Simon feels is something I know all too well and that is something no one outside of the LGBTQ+ community will ever understand. If you want to look at the movie while ignoring the big neon sign that marks it as a gay movie, you’re left with an amazing movie about a young boy figuring everything out. The movie is normal. There isn’t some big focus on sex or experimenting. The movie is just like every other romantic comedy except the main character falls in love with another boy. It. Is. Amazing.

Even though I’ve already come out to a majority of the people in my life, there are still those who don’t know and that is my decision. Certain scenes in this movie reminded me of times when people outed me with no worries about how it would affect me in the long run. This movie was something I didn’t know I needed because it was perfect. I’ve seen enough movies where the girl falls for the guy and they live happily ever after. I want to see more about the people who have been persecuted for the people they love. I don’t mean to get all political or righteous…I just want to see something that I can relate to on the big screen.

I think this movie will open a lot of doors and most of them will be beneficial to the world and that makes me sosososoo happy. I’d highly recommend seeing this movie, especially if you want to support a community of people who just want to love each other the same way that heteronormative couples do.

I’m not too sure how often I’m going to be posting from here on out and I’m sorry for that but I really wanted to talk about this amazing movie. Wow. Could I have said the word amazing more in this post? I hope you all decide to go support this fantastic (see new word) movie while it is still in theaters! ❤