I Found the Worst Article on the Internet

I was looking for some ideas for a new book tag and while I was looking around I found an article that I just didn’t like. I say it’s the worst article on the internet and that might just be a little bit of click bait for you but it really is a bad article to me personally. Now, I might link the article at the end but I also don’t really want to you know? I’d just like to say that this post is a very opinionated post and if that isn’t your thing then that’s cool. I just thought it would be something else to put on my blog and it probably won’t happen again just because I don’t really like the whole negative vibe.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what this article was about. This young adult wrote a post about why she doesn’t read young adult novels. The title of the article literally just reminds me of an edgy tumblr teen who is trying to separate from the masses. I know I shouldn’t judge an article off of the title but as an author of blog posts, I understand that a title sets the mood for the rest of the post.

She makes some good points about how sometimes, the book misses the mark on how teenagers actually act. I understand that that can be an annoying thing in certain books but to complain about an entire genre is a little excessive. She also says that there are a ton of generalizations made in YA books which is true for the most part. But I’m going to give this one to the authors because, as someone who’s done some writing herself, you can’t make everyone their own individual person. It just makes the book boring. You get a lot of information that doesn’t matter and because of that, I don’t care that the only thing I know about a character is that they were mean to the MC one time.

She says that a lot of YA books are about twenty year olds. Like yes hello?? Being a young adult doesn’t stop the minute you turn twenty. I don’t think that young adult means only teenage characters but a lot of people tend to have that mindset and because of that, a lot of authors stick with what they know people will read.

When I was reading this post I just kept thinking about how she obviously hasn’t read a lot of YA books. She talks about how there is only one type of beauty in YA books but I’ve read books about characters with braces and zits. Things that make them normal teenagers. I just think it’s not cool to complain about something when there are actually a decent amount of books out there where the character couldn’t “win a Gigi Hadid look-a-like competition.” The same thing can be said about how she wants characters with flaws. Almost every YA book I’ve read has had a main character with major flaws that they are working through.

I agree with her last 2 or 3 points because that is something that I’ve said annoyed me before. But that was in certain books. I wasn’t complaining about how all the characters in YA books are sarcastic because they’re not. I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean that every YA author made every character sarcastic but the way it was written made it seem that way.

I’m going to link you guys to the article here because I figure context is always good and why not.


A lot of stuff just annoyed me with this article but I don’t mean to bash the young woman that wrote it. She makes good points but overall, I felt like the post was written by someone who hasn’t read a lot of YA books. I just want to start a conversation with you guys. What do you think about the article? Do you agree with what she’s saying?