Where to get free review books for new bloggers!

So when I started blogging, I was really interested in getting books before they came out. I’d heard that it was the best way to get people to start reading your reviews and build a decent following. I found some websites that sent out books for review on my own and others I found because someone mentioned them in a blog post. I’m someone who doesn’t have a massive amount of followers and because of that, I’m not working with big-time publishers or anything like that. That being said, I’m still able to get books sent to me for review.

Also, my internet cut out on Thanksgiving so my phone kept posting an unfinished version of my post. That post will be up on Tuesday and I hope it didn’t confuse people too much!

1. Blogging for Books

This is a site where anyone with a blog can sign up. They have a decent amount of books that you can choose from and they continue to supply you with books in exchange for reviews. I really like this site because they have young adult books as well as historical novels. You can choose between an E-book or a physical book and this is something I really like because not everyone likes to horde books.

2. Library Thing

This website is more for giveaways but once you start reviewing books, you have a better chance of getting books. I like this site because they have both E-books and print books, much like Blogging for Books. This site is a hit or miss, to be honest, but I do like some of the books that they put up!

3. Netgalley

This is a site where you can get an ample amount of free E-books. This site is always being updated and there are always really popular books on the site. The only thing is that you need to keep your rating up in order to get new books! That’s not the hardest thing if you only request books that you actually want to read. I’ll admit that I got a little excited when I first started and that meant that I requested books that I wasn’t entirely interested in.

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