The Fifth Petal ★★★★☆

4.5 stars 

I’ve read another book! This book is actually one that I’ve wanted to read since I got it and I’m happy I got the opportunity to! I really love the cover of this book and it really fits in well with the story! It shows the girls and their last moments which is something I didn’t really get until I finished the book.

*I received this book from the website Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected this review and all opinions are my own.*

Goodreads Summary:

When a teenage boy dies suspiciously on Halloween night, Salem’s chief of police, John Rafferty wonders if there is a connection between his death and Salem’s most notorious cold case, a triple homicide dubbed “The Goddess Murders,” in which three young women, all descended from accused Salem witches, were slashed on Halloween night in 1989. He finds unexpected help in Callie Cahill, the daughter of one of the victims newly returned to town. Neither believes that the main suspect, Rose Whelan, respected local historian, is guilty of murder or witchcraft.

But exonerating Rose might mean crossing paths with a dangerous force. Were the women victims of an all-too-human vengeance, or was the devil raised in Salem that night? And if they cannot discover what truly happened, will evil rise again?

My Review: 

I wish I had picked this book up as soon as I got it because the story was so interesting. This book is all about a crazy aunt and while I can’t relate directly to that, everyone has at least one crazy person in their family. I can understand someone trying to run from their past and Callie isn’t an exception. I mean she doesn’t know that Rose is alive because of the lies that she was told but she still pushes all the memories of her mother out of her head.

I really liked Callie and everything about her character was interesting to read about. She wasn’t 2 dimensional and she actually had some substance to her. She has a really cool job working as a music therapist and I’ve never read a book where the character has a job like that. I just really liked hearing about how she used music and vibrations in order to help heal people.

I think the only character that I didn’t really like was Rafferty, the main cop that is taking care of everything related to the Goddess murders. He adds another element to the book but I really wish that we didn’t have to deal with him as much as we did. He was also just a little off and I didn’t really like the way he treated his wife sometimes.

This book is one that gets better and better as you continue to read. I really like books that are this way but sometimes the beginning will be wayyyyyyy to boring. That wasn’t the case for this book, thank god. It started off a little slow but it was enough that it made me want to keep reading to find out about Callie.

I’m still not sure if this is a continuation of some series because there is another book, The Lace Reader, and it has some of the same characters. I didn’t have any trouble reading this book if that is the case but maybe I did miss some nods to the other book.

I would really recommend this book to anyone who likes the Salem Witch Trials because there is a good amount of history in the book. There is also a very good storyline and I think it’s worth reading. I don’t think there’s any reason to mention how old someone should be before reading this book because nothing really terrible or graphic happens in this book. All in all, I’d highly highly suggest picking this book up!

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