Top 5: Things I find myself reading with

So I’ve gotten kind of annoyed with my blog and decided that starting a top 5 series wouldn’t be the worst thing that I’ve done. I’m going to start with something that I’ve touched on a little in other posts but never really talked about in length. Not that this post will be particularly long. I hope you guys like the idea and feel free to leave suggestions for future top 5’s! They don’t all have to be book related btw!

1. So in the fall/winter, I really love having comfy socks on. Sometimes I can’t deal with how hot my feet are when I’m wearing socks but I generally have cold feet while I’m reading. I tend to either pick socks or a fluffy blanket, I get way too hot if I have both on me.

2. I have a massive bag of bookmarks (and other bookish items) that I’ve collected over the years and it’s something that is always close when I’m reading. I guess this is more of a constant thing that is near me when I’m reading but I love being able to reach in and get a random bookmark.

3. I love love love my Harry Potter blanket from Hot Topic and it is something that I’m almost always reading in. I’ve taken this blanket with me when I’ve gone to read out in the middle of the forest (it’s a long story) but I’ve also just dragged it out onto my deck so I could sit and read. If I’ve opted to read outside then I tend to have both the blanket and socks on!

4. I tend to read with a cup of tea or some other drink nearby. I tend to drink a lot and having something close by is always a good thing. I have a large collection of tea and I absolutely love them all. My favorite tea store, Teavana, is closing down soon and because of that, a lot of their tea is on sale. This means that I’ve bought a lot of tea, which isn’t the worst thing.

5. I almost always read with some sort of background noise. This is either in the form of music or a tv show. I normally go for something that has no words but in most cases, I just go with a random playlist that Spotify makes for me. If I’m playing a tv show then it has to be something I’ve seen hundreds of times before because I get distracted easily, especially if the book isn’t the greatest.

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