Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag!

I’ve finally unpacked my books so I can post about a bookshelf scavenger hunt! I’ve got 2 large bookshelves in one room and then there’s a built-in bookshelf in my room! I think this will consist mainly of books from the two big shelves! This was such a fun tag and I had a good time looking for each of the books on my shelves!

Find an author’s name or title with the letter Z in it


Melissa de la Cruz has multiple books but the only one I own is Alex and Eliza!

Find a classic


Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Find a book with a key on it

I don’t own any books with a key on it 😦

Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book

My wand from the renaissance festival sits on my bookshelf and it is such a pretty piece of woodwork. I also have some funko pops that sit in front of some of my books!

Find the oldest book on your shelf


A copy of Dragonfly in Amber from 1992

Find a book with a girl on the cover


Hollow City by Ranson Riggs

Find a book that has an animal in it

Throne of Glass

Find a book with a male protagonist


Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

Find a book with only words on it


The Merciless by Danielle Vega does have the star on it but it is one of the most minimalistic covers out there.

Find a book with illustrations in it


The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo is one of the prettiest books I have right now and I love looking at the illustrations.

Find a book with gold lettering


The Iliad & The Odyssey by Homer is one of the nicest books I own.

Find a diary (true or fictional)


A Work in Progress by Connor Franta is the closest thing on my shelf to a diary and it’s not technically one I guess.

Find a book written by someone with a common name (like Smith)


Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

Find a book that has a closeup of something on it


Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge

Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Find a hardcover book without a jacket

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter doesn’t have a dust jacket because it was from a used bookstore and I didn’t really mind it because the price was so great.

Find a teal/turquoise colored book


Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Find a book with stars on it


A reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell

Find a non-YA book


Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin is definitely not a YA book

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