OwlCrate Unboxing!

This is my fifth OwlCrate that I’ve ordered and I’m so excited for this one because the theme is Something Wicked This Way Comes!! I really did love this box and I’m really happy with both books that I got! If you’re interested in buying a subscription feel free to use my referral link, https://owlcrate.com/refer/Carol-VIVONAOE! This link just brings you to their home page and if you end up buying a subscription than I am one person closer to getting a free box.



I loved these Edgar Allen Poe socks so much and I’ve already worn them out once because of how comfy they are! I’ve got a pair of socks from Out of Print before and they’re an amazing brand!


This is such a cute sticker based off of the Monsters of Verity duology! The only complaint is that it is on a white background so it’s not the easiest to find a home for.


This pen writes so smoothly I absolutely love it! It also came with refills so I’ll definitely be using it a lot!


This pin came with the book and sadly it came a little bent so I’m scared to wear it out again because it fell off last time.


I don’t actually have a copy of this book and so when I got this beautiful edition I was so excited! This is going to be the perfect book for October.


Every month they include a pin based off the theme and this one is actually really pretty and I’m really glad that they chose to put the bird on the pin.

I’ve never heard of this book but I’m actually pretty excited to give it a go because of how interesting it sounds! This is an exclusive cover so instead of the cover having white lettering, it’s red! I am waiting till October to read this book though. Here’s the link to the books Goodreads!

This is a stunning bookmark based off of Six of Crows and it’s definitely one of my favorites! It’s aesthetically beautiful and the quotes are two of my favorites.

This coffee smells absolutely wonderful and while I have yet to make a cup with it, I’m really excited to in the future!!


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