My Ideal Reading Space

I was recently looking at and was inspired to dream up my own ideal or dream place to read and I thought it was something really interesting. I’m also lowkey mad I never thought to do a post like this on my own because this was actually really fun to do. I’m also moving into a new house so a lot of this is how I wish the spare room with my books would be filled. Also wow sorry for the mass amount of words I’m randomly throwing at you. I hope you don’t mind and find it at least a little bit interesting. I also included a mood board that I made because it’s really pretty and I thought that it was a good way to end the post! It features a lot of things that I talked about in the post and has links to everything underneath!


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My ideal reading area would have bookshelves that are all the same height and have the shelves line up. Having mismatched shelves always bugs me and so being able to have them match would be ideal. I’m planning to buy BILLY bookcases from Ikea because of how simple and aesthetic they are. This, of course, is a must for me in any reading room because I like being able to display all of my books and the trinkets that I’ve collected over time.

I normally like to read on the couch so having one in my dream reading room is a must. A small sectional couch that would fit in the corner would be ideal and it would be decorated with fandom pillows from society 6 and fuzzy blankets. I really like the sectionals that Arhaus has because they are the perfect size for a small, cozy reading room. I also found the most adorable faux fur blanket on their site and I fell in love. I added a picture of it in the mood board down below and I keep looking back at it because I need it. It’s definitely on my room decor wish list now lol!

I like my reading areas cozy and this would definitely mean having a warm coloured tapestry hanging on the wall. Society 6 has so many amazing ones that it took me forever to pick one that I love. I recently placed an order for one that has a quote from Six of Crows that is stunning. I think having a tapestry is an amazing way to decorate a wall without it becoming cluttered and messy.

Sometimes, depending on the book, I will need a quick break half way through and if I get on my phone then I tend to take a longer break than I planned. For this reason, I love to keep my guitar in my reading space. If anything instruments are beautiful and I’d love to keep more hanging from the wall.

I also love lamps and fairy lights. I think that having a well-lit place to read is so important so I tend to go a little crazy when I’m thinking about how I’d want my reading area to look. Fairy lights look so cute wrapped around a bookshelf and there are so many different types around! Arhaus has such cute lights that fit into my dream reading area that once I saw them I knew they would be perfect for a reading room.

I also definitely love having plants in any room and so whenever I think about an ideal space, there are plants involved. I like having wood floors so I’d love to have actual plants that I could take care of and water instead of fake ones. I’d also love to have a ton of scented candles in the room because not only do they create an amazing atmosphere but they just smell amazing.

Dream Book Room (1)
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Dream Book Room