Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

There will be spoilers for all the previous seasons in this post so if you’re trying to keep away from any and all spoilers, I don’t recommend reading this post. This isn’t really a review but more of a collection of thoughts. This is just a little post I thought about doing but I won’t be talking about any other episodes because I don’t think it’s the best idea for this blog. I hope none of you mind the different post, I’m going back to book related posts on Thursday!

Before the show thoughts:

I absolutely love Game of Thrones and this premier has been such a long time coming! I’ve been waiting so long to see what Daenerys does with her dragons in King’s Landing because she is definitely my favorite on the show. I was also so excited to see what Sansa does now because she is such an interesting character to watch. I also love Sophie Turner as an actress so I was really excited to see her on Game of Thrones again.

After the episode thoughts:

This was such a good premiere episode omg I loved it. Everything from Sansa to Little Finger was amazing and I can’t wait for the next episode to come out! I watched the episode about 30 minutes after it started airing on HBO Go and I really loved going on Twitter after and reading everyone else’s thoughts on the episode.

I know that there’s blood, murder, and incest in the show but I think the sequence of Sam cleaning up everyone’s mess in the Citadel was by far one of the worst things I’ve seen on the show. I couldn’t take his gagging and I felt terrible for him but at least his wife and young son are able to have a roof over their heads.

I love Daenerys and every time she was on screen it was amazing. I also loved seeing her dragons but I wish they had more screen time. Then again I always want the dragons to have more screen time. “Shall we begin” was literally all she said in the last scene and I was still so in love with those three words. I’m so ready for her to kill everyone with her dragons!

Also, Ed Sheeran was in the premiere??? I was so shook when he came on cause I was not expecting that in any way. I just hope he doesn’t die a hellish death because his singing on the show is always welcome.

The next seven weeks are going to be all about Game of Thrones for me and I’m definitely okay with that because of dragons and murder.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

  1. Sansa was amazing in this episode, and I love that they’re drawing parallels between she and Cersei (though I’m hoping they don’t take that too far). And Arya completely stole the show. The opening scene was honestly everything I didn’t know I needed.

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    1. I loved Arya in this episode! Especially when she seamlessly becomes Walder Frey and murders them all except the serving girls. The parallels were something really interesting that they put in and I agree with you, I’m excited to see how far they take it but I just hope it’s not too far.


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