What’s in My Carry-on

I thought it would be cool to show you what I keep in my carry on because some of it is book related and to be honest, I personally really like to see things like this. I took all the pictures myself and I did explain my reasoning behind almost everything in my bag. I know this isn’t entirely book related but because of this trip I’ve decided that having a few posts not be about books would be okay.

My Bag!


My bag is from Tommy Hilfiger and I only just recently bought it. I got it on sale and I really like how big it is because it fits my laptop and books with enough room for everything else.

Books I’m taking


Of course, I’m taking Outlander with me but that book is going to be in my check in bag because I’ve already read it and am mostly taking it for photos. But, in my carry on I’m taking Hagseed, The Bone Season, The Luxe and Wuthering Heights!

My Laptop & its Sleeve!


I absolutely love my mac book and all the stickers that cover the front of it. My laptop sleeve is A Court of Mist and Fury inspired and is from Society6 and was drawn by Evie Seo! I’ve downloaded a few of my favorite Harry Potter movies and they will be great for the long flight and the mass amount of driving we plan on doing.



I always bring a pair of fuzzy socks with me even if I don’t think I’ll need them because I like being able to slip them on over my no-show socks. These tend to be the ones I take because of how soft they are!

Makeup Wipes & Tissues!


I don’t wear makeup when I’m flying because the dry air isn’t a good mix with makeup, and I’m likely to fall asleep anyway. I take wipes with me to just clean my face a few times throughout the flight because it just makes me feel cleaner after sitting in one place for over ten hours.

Headphones & Phone!

I think these are pretty self-explanatory but I’m just mentioning them because they’re always in my bag. My headphones are Beats by Dre and my phone is an iPhone 6 and I would hate to be stuck on a flight without them.

Notebook & Wallet!


I really like making lists and writing things down so a small notebook is always a must for me. Of course, with the notebook comes at least two coloured pens, this time they’ll be purple and blue! My wallet is Harry Potter inspired (of course) and I bought it from Hot Topic a while back, as you can tell from how worn out it is.

Phone & Laptop Charger!

IMG_9464This is also pretty self-explanatory so I’m not going to say much about it except that both are relatively light and they don’t take up very much space!

Extra Hair Ties and Head Band!


I tend to break hair ties a lot so it’s always necessary for me to have at least three backups with me at all times. My hair is really thick and so it can get really warm if I leave it down for too long so there really isn’t another option. I started bringing a headband a few years ago once I started washing my face on the plane because it just helps to keep the baby hairs out of the water.

Coin Purse!


I always have a mess of coins in the bottom of my bag and so this helps me “attempt” to stay organized but sometimes it just fills up and I give up.


I am a girl who loves her snacks and that doesn’t change when I’m getting on a fourteen-hour flight across the ocean. My staple snacks are definitely fruit snacks, beef jerky, and Pringles but sometimes I just bring chips and healthy cookies.

Water Bottle!