Scotland & Ireland – Update

So I leave for Ireland today! I’m really excited to spend two weeks in Europe learning about the history of everything I can. I have a lot of stuff planned and for that reason, I’m not entirely sure how much I will be able to post. Because of this, I think I’m going to only post on the Tuesdays and Saturdays that I am there. This will make it easier for me and will give me the opportunity to write quality posts instead of posting a mass of book tags. Some of my posts will also be about my trip so if you’re not interested just feel free to ignore me for a day or two.

I have nothing against a good book tag but I do not want my blog to be overrun like it sometimes has been in the past. I like having a mix of both reviews and tags so that the blog never really becomes stale but I just can’t post book tags.

As of right now, I will have a post up on June 29th, July 1st, July 4th and July 8th while I am over in Europe. I fly home on July 11th and once I am home I will be moving house so once I come back I will have to decide if I will have enough time to publish things I am proud of. As much as it pains me to say, I might have to go back to posting twice a week throughout July but I’m not entirely sure yet.

I hope that all makes sense and I hope you can all understand why I’m changing things for the time being. I will most likely go back to posting three times a week in August because I really do like posting so frequently. I hope you all have a great day and the next time you hear from me I will be hanging out in Europe!!


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