Book Buying Ban Round 2

I’ve put myself on another book buying ban and I’m not totally okay with it. I’m trying to save some money for my trip to the wonderful Scotland but so many good books are coming out soon!! Last time I was on one of these I ended up only lasting about a month and a half before I caved and bought a new book. This one will probably last about a month so it isn’t the longest one but it is still something!

I’ve always liked the idea of going on a book buying ban because it gives me time to read the books that I’ve already bought. Of course, you can always read the books you’ve bought but whenever I buy a new book I always want to read it before anything else. It gets a little overwhelming and so I think that doing these every so often helps to alleviate the stress that builds up in my life.

I’m also moving so I have to start packing up the books I already have. This means that I can’t really buy any more books because I already have so many to carry around with me! Moving has always been a stressful thing so I think that having my reading schedule planned out and removing any new books from the equation will help lower my stress levels.

Comment down below if you’ve ever gone on a book buying ban because I’d love to hear about your experience. If not, would you ever think about going on one and do you think you would be able to stick to it?

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