My Trip to Chincoteague Island

Now, I’ve been to Chincoteague and Assateague before and I loved it! The people I met were lovely and it was overall a great trip. But this time it was a mess. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a really nice trip overall but there were just some things that just put a damper on the mood. I know this isn’t book related at all (except for when I mention the bookstore I went into) but I thought it would be a good change. I also got all these pictures off of google because I didn’t take many.

Anchor Inn


So this inn is technically part of the larger hotel right next to it but it is such a nice place to stay for the weekend. Because we stayed over memorial day weekend they had a barbecue with burgers and hot dogs so that was really nice of them to do. They also have fire pits that are lit every night and are available for anyone to sit at. The breakfast is included in the room price and even though it is generally a small selection it was a good way to start the day.

Island Creamery


I basically dragged my mum and brother to the Island Creamery the day we got to the island. I absolutely love the ice cream from here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone if they come and visit Chincoteague.

Old Neptune’s Bookshop


This bookshop had some amazing finds, especially if you love Edgar Allan Poe! They had a beautifully illustrated copy of The Raven that I almost bought but I went with a copy of The Raven and Other Writings instead. I could have spent the entire day in this shop and if I had been on my own I definitely would have.

Bill’s Prime Seafood and Steaks


So we really didn’t know where to eat after having Ice Cream but this place had some pretty decent reviews so we thought we’d try it out. Gosh, this place was a miss. It was an expensive restaurant and the food left much to be desired. The steak was basically flavorless and the Onion soup had such a thick piece of bread on top that there was minimal soup to actually eat. The staff is incredibly nice though and the atmosphere is generally alright.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island


I love this national park to death. I honestly think it might be one of my favorites because of how much stuff there really is to do once you enter. There are a ton of hiking trails that you can either walk or bike on and there is a lovely visitors center where you can sit and watch the birds. Of course, there is also the beach which everyone goes to sit on and it is lovely. On the way to the beach, there is a little beach house that you can visit and there is an area where you can hold horseshoe crabs and clams.


I would definitely recommend stopping in here if you have the time because it really is a cool place to see.



This place has some of the best mango lemonade I’ve ever had. They also have some really good burgers and even though it is right on the road, the atmosphere is quite nice.

Daisey’s Island Cruise


We went on a boat ride with Daisey’s at 10 am and it was really cool to go out and see the wild ponies. The guide we had was really nice and he didn’t spend the entire time talking to us. He just let us admire the horses and the environment which is exactly what I wanted to do. The only thing I would say is to wear something warm (unless it’s the middle of summer) because it does get a little cold on the boat. This being said, they do have a lot of blankets that they will give out if it’s windy.

Island Sun

So this place is an alright place to buy souvenirs but I warn you against renting bikes from here. We rented three bikes at about 1 pm and then it started raining when we were having a late lunch at a place down the street. We decided against riding down to the mini golf place (which was about a ten-minute ride from where we were) and so my younger brother rode down to see if we could get at least a partial refund. The lady working there gave us no refund at all, even though we had only used the bikes for a grand total of 90 minutes.

Dons Seafood Resturant


This is definitely the best place to eat on Main Street that I have been to. The servers are the sweetest people, the view is amazing and the food is great. I got the hamburger steak and it was amazing. I had that covered in gravy as well as the mashed potatoes and fries and the only thing I would say about the meal is that I wish I hadn’t gotten gravy on the fries. My mother got the fish and coleslaw and thought that it was really good, even though there was a decent amount of liquid in the coleslaw.

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