Netflix Recommendations

So my mother and I have been watching a decent amount of Netflix recently (I just watch when I’m taking a break from studying right now) and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite shows with you guys. I know this isn’t at all book related but I thought it would be a nice post to have up since I haven’t been reading (which sadly means no book reviews).

Wynonna Earp


So I almost wrote an entire post about this show but I figured that might be a little too much so I’m just gonna write a little paragraph about how much I love this damn show. So this show can be compared to Supernatural and to be honest with you, I think it might be a little better and I do like Supernatural so I’m not just saying that. Not only does this show have a super kickass main character (Wynonna my babe) but there’s also LGBTQ+ representation and POC characters!! Only season one is on Netflix right now but season two comes out in June!!

The Shining


I just really love horror movies and I thought I would mention one of my favorites that’s on Netflix. I tell everyone I know who is looking for a good horror movie to watch this and most of them come back to tell me that they loved it (or they were scared as hell).

When Calls The Heart


My mom started watching this show and now we are both so in love with it. It’s become part of our weekly routines to watch the new episodes that come out and I would definitely recommend it. The show is set in a coal mining town called Coal Valley and follows a teacher in her journey to teach children. Elizabeth Thatcher, the teacher, is an incredibly interesting woman and she is just so sweet that it is easy to fall into a rhythm of watching her, especially when she is teaching.

Murdoch Mysteries


This show reminds me of Sherlock when I watch it except it is set in the past so when they find fingerprints, for example, they call them finger marks. The main character and lead detective is Murdoch and he is interesting to follow as he attempts to solve the murders that go on in the surrounding area.

Night Shift


This show is about war doctors that have returned to Texas after serving in the military. It covers a large variety of topics like PTSD and eating disorders and this show does an incredible job of covering all angles. For anyone who liked Greys Anatomy, this show would be a great show to start after finishing it. It is a good doctor show but it is a little more graphic than Greys.

Criminal Minds


I love love love this show and watch re-runs all the time because I can never remember every single episode. This show does cover some harsh topics sometimes but they are always handled well and the cast is amazing. I may or may not just be talking about Matthew Gray Gubler but I love them all of course. This show also has a lot of seasons out on Netflix so it is perfect for when you feel like staying home and just starting a new TV show.

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