Author Interview with Lisa Maxwell

So one of my favorite authors is Lisa Maxwell and I first heard about her through a friend and then I got Unhooked in one of my Owlcrate subscriptions, from there I was hooked. Lisa currently has three books out, (Unhooked, Sweet Unrest and Gathering Deep) and she has another book coming out in July of this year. I am incredibly excited for her next novel, The LastMagician, because I love her writing style and the summary just sounds amazing.

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I’ve recently had the amazing opportunity to ask her some questions that I was interested in knowing the answers to and I hope that those reading will find them interesting as well.

1- How long did it take to write Unhooked?

I wrote the majority of UNHOOKED during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November of 2011. Then I took about a year to revise it, both on my own and with the help of my agent.

2- Was it easy or hard to find a publisher?

It felt really hard at the time. We were on our last round of submissions for the book when it finally sold.

3- What is your favorite book that you have written?

Picking a favorite book is kind of like picking a favorite child—it depends on the day you ask me. :O)  Right now, I still love UNHOOKED, but I’m really excited about THE LAST MAGICIAN, which is the book I just wrote and which will be out in July of this year.

4- Which book was the most fun to write?

SWEET UNREST was probably the most fun because it was the only book I wrote without any real expectations. I didn’t have an agent yet, and I was just playing, to see if I could write a book. I was still caught up in the rush of falling in love with writing, so it felt like fun instead of real work. The other books have been fun as well, but once you have an agent and book contracts, there are definite expectations and people you have to answer to.

5- Do you hear directly from readers much? If so, what kinds of things do they say?

I hear from readers every now and then. My favorite messages are the ones that let me know what they liked about the book. Luckily, I haven’t gotten many negative messages, but I do occasionally get odd requests. I got one message asking if a future book would have a love triangle, because they didn’t want to start reading the first one if they were just going to be disappointed later. But I hadn’t even finished the plotting for that book, so it’s not like I could have answered that.

6- Are you excited for everyone to read The Last Magician?

SO excited. This book is probably my biggest, most complex story, with a big cast and lots of twists. I can’t wait to see if people like it as much as I hope they do!

7- How long did it take you to write The Last Magician?

I started writing the actual text in August of 2015 and I just finished up the final proofreading this past week—so over a year. I was pretty much working that entire time. It was the first book I’ve really had to wrestle with to get it right. Even though I had a detailed synopsis and outline, getting the actual words out was a struggle. But now I’m really happy with how it has finally turned out.

I am so so excited to get my hands on The Last Magician and I hope that each of you will give Lisa Maxwell’s books a home on your shelf. Now, I have met Lisa about three or four times and every time I go to a signing she is at she meets each person with a big smile. I feel like I’m gushing a little but she is really nice and I highly recommend meeting her if you are ever at a book event that she is attending.


I am going to link each of her social media accounts bellow as well as her website where you can find more information about her books and upcoming events.

Instagram: Lisamaxwell13

Twitter: LisaMaxwellYA




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