US or UK Book Covers?

So I’ve seen Hailey from Hailey In Bookland do a video like this and even though I don’t actually have a book tube account, I thought I would make a post about it on here. I’ve definitely been putting more time into my account and I like the fact that I don’t just post book reviews. I enjoy being able to talk freely to an audience, no matter how small, and this blog has become an outlet for my writing. Even though I may not be writing fantasy like I’ve done in the past (not on this blog), I’ve always enjoyed writing so, for me, this is a great way to just let loose and write.

1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer

heartless-uk   17659011-_sy540_
UK                                                US

So for this one, I prefer the US cover. I tend to go for black books and I really like the simplicity of the black with the red vines (not to be confused with the candy).

2. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

vauknew   vausnew
UK                                                                          US

I don’t really like either set of covers for this series but the UK editions are definitely easier to look at. I don’t tend to like books with people on the cover because they just look fake and way too dramatic.  I also don’t like how the colour on the cover changes for every book. I mean sometimes that’s okay but I just don’t like it for this series.

3. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

51765nmoivl-_sx328_bo1204203200_   tog-nyt-cover
UK                                               US

Okay so I know these covers aren’t really that different but I really like the colours on the US editions. I know I just said I don’t like it when the colour changes for every book but with this series, it’s done artfully and so it looks nice. I will say that the white UK editions look really nice when the entire series is piled on top of each other because of their uniformity.

4. Madly by Amy Alward (also called The Potion Diaries)

thepotiondiaries   23309862
UK                                                 US

Okay so this was one of my first book reviews on this blog and I really enjoyed this book. I absolutely detest the UK cover of this book. To me, it just makes the book look childish and if I saw it in the bookstore, I wouldn’t ever pick it up. This makes me sad because it was a really great book and I’ve recommended it to friends who’ve also enjoyed it. Also, I have nothing against Zoe Sugg but really? You’re going to put the words “it’s so cool’ on the front cover of your book? I just think it takes away from the book and to me, it sounds incredibly fake.

5. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

cob-cover   city_of_bones1
UK                                              US

There really is no competition here, I’m all about the UK edition of this book series. They are just so pretty and I definitely prefer the pretty designs to the bare-chested man on the US edition. I love the designs so much that I’m thinking about designing a future tattoo around the rose that is on the City of Glass cover.

6. To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

51a6rmaqknl-_sx309_bo1204203200_  715vlp6m-ol
UK                                           US

So I think I really love the US edition of this novel. When I read this book for my English class I bought myself a copy and I just really love the cover. I like the larger incorporation of the tree and I think it is just more visually appealing.

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