The Emoji Book Tag (& life update)

I’m posting on a day that’s not a Saturday?? Yeah, I figured that I might as well participate and upload a tag on a Tuesday (which is today, big surprise) while also giving a quick little life update.

So this is going to start with a life update and then go into the tag so if you’re not interested in any life updates, feel free to skip down to the start of the book tag!

So my birthday is on Friday. I’m excited but I also don’t want to be another year older, but there’s nothing I can really do about that. I’ve also gotten a few new books off of NetGalley that I’m very very excited to read. I’m almost done with the first one and will definitely have a review up for that soon (maybe not this weekend because I will be busy but definitely by Tuesday). I don’t have that many tests this weekend so hopefully, I will be able to get more reading done than I have for the past couple of weeks.

I’m going to do another Escape Room on Saturday with a couple of my friends because they’re just so much fun to do! I love solving the puzzles and then figuring out how to escape the different rooms in under an hour. I definitely recommend trying them out because even if you don’t make it out in time they can explain what you missed and help you better understand the puzzle.

Okay, I’m done blabbing about my life, here’s the book emoji tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Jamie from Book Pandemonium , thank you so much for the tag!

The rule of this tag is to pick 5 emojis and choose a book that you think relates to each one.

1. Heart eye emoji
Book that I loved so much I just had to re-read it


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas


I will never not love this book. I’ve gone on about it before so I won’t go on and on about it here as well but I do recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy!

2. Eye rolling emoji
Book I thought was ridiculous and not worth the reading time


The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry


Now I didn’t hate this book really, it just wasn’t exactly for me. I don’t think I really needed to read it and I wouldn’t really consider it a loss if I hadn’t had the opportunity to read it.

3. Single tear emoji
Book I wanted to love, but just couldn’t get into


The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey


I didn’t get very far into this book before I had to put it down. I just couldn’t get into it and I don’t ever see myself picking it up again because I’ve completely lost interest in this series.

4. Easy smile emoji
Book that was just decent


Everland by Wendy Spinale


Even though this book wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t anything special. Please do keep in mind that that is my opinion and I know people who thought this book was spectacular. I did enjoy the story line and think the premise of the novel was very interesting. Even with this fact, I wouldn’t read any books that come after this one.

5. Full on crying emoji
Book that made me cry like crazy


The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner


This book made me cry like a little baby and I’m not even the tiniest bit ashamed to admit it because it is such a good book, I can’t see anyone not crying while reading it. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone because I really think there is something in it for (almost) everyone.

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