This Is My Genre Tell Me Yours Book Tag

No one tagged me in this but I really liked the questions and just decided to answer them 🙂
The tag was made by the lovely Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek and they also made the very cute header image!

Feel free to participate in this tag and tag me because I would really like to hear your answers to these questions!

Also, quick thing, I’ve changed my uploading schedule again. Sorry but I’ve started posting more and I think posting three times a week would be a good commitment for me. I think will be the last time I change my schedule for a while so hopefully things don’t get to crazy for me!

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February Book Haul!

What? A post on Monday? Yeah, I figured that I would post on Monday so that my scheduled posts wouldn’t be moved around. So it’s almost the last day of February and I’ve never done a monthly book haul so I figured I would do one now. These are either books I bought, E-books I received for review or physical books that I received for review. I figured I would do a book haul for the month instead of a wrap up this month and maybe I’ll do a wrap-up for March.

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Illuminae (The Illuminae Files #1) â˜…★★★☆

I wanted to read this book for the longest time before I finally gave in and picked it up while shopping at Target. I’m incredibly happy that I did because it turned out to have such a great story line and plot! I loved the way in which it was told and cannot wait to start Gemina, the second book in the trilogy!

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Books Trilogies That I Probably Won’t Finish

So there are some trilogies and a few series’s that I started a while ago and at this point, I just don’t think that I will ever get around to finishing them. For most of these, it isn’t because I didn’t enjoy the first few books, it’s because I never got around to buying or borrowing the next books from the bookstore or library. Sometimes I will get two books into a trilogy and then I have to wait for the third book to come out and by the time it does, I’ve lost interest or forgotten what happened in the previous books

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A Face Like Glass â˜…★★★☆

3.5 stars 

So this book came out in May of 2012 but the new hardcover is coming out later this year. I loved the cover and the summary sounded interesting so I requested a copy from Netgalley. I’ve also read one of his other books, Cuckoo Song, and I found it incredibly enjoyable so I thought why not give this book a try. In the end, I’m very glad that I did.

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that fact in no way affected my review in any way*

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Valentine’s Day Book Tag!

So I couldn’t really find a book tag that I liked so I’m going to take inspiration from a couple that I’ve seen floating around. I am not saying that I came up with each individual question but a majority are my take on a previously published book tag.

Also, I’m just curious but should I make a post about my tattoo and just some general information about the experience I had? Like I kind of want to but are any of you interested in reading about it?

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Red Rising ★★★★★

5 stars 

So I no longer want to write incredibly long reviews so this will be the first to reflect that change. 

I loved loved loved this book. I read it every night before going to bed and towards the last few chapters, it was a persistent thought in my mind. I had heard about this book for a few months before I bought it but then it just sat on my bookshelf until I picked it up about a week ago and I’m very happy that I did.

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