Bookish Book Lover Tag

Even though no one really tagged me to do this specific tag I thought it would be a good change of pace from just book reviews. This tag was created by Shantelle and I love her blog so you should definitely check it out. I think I will try and do more tags in between my book reviews, just to change up the content on this blog.


Use the Banner

Answer the Questions
Use Lots of Book Covers *smiles*
Tag Your Bookish Friends!
1) What Book Are You Currently Reading?
I’m slowly working my way through Scythe and I’m loving it.
2) What’s The Last Book You Finished?
I finished and loved The Sun is Also a Star
3) Favorite Book You Read This Year?
Hands down A Court of Mist and Fury
4) What Genre Have You Read Most This Year?
Probably fantasy
5) What Genre Have You Read Least This Year?
Um probably historical fiction but I want to read more next year!
6) What Genre Do You Want To Read More Of?
Well definitely historical fiction and maybe some more contemporary
7) How Many Books Have You Read This Year, And What’s Your Goal?
I read 106 books throughout 2016 and my goal was 100. I know this is going up in 2017 but it’s going up early January so.
8) What’s The Last Book You Bought?
Well, I actually just bought 14 books from book outlet so I’m not going to list all of those lol. A few of my favorites were: Crimson Bound, Code Name Verity, Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls and I also got some new Harry Potter books because I couldn’t resist the pretty covers.
9) What Book Are You Saving Up To Buy Next?
Well, I need to buy the first 2 Harry Potter books in same editions as the ones I just bought so I’ll probably be saving up for those.
10) How Many Books Did You Check Out Last Library Visit?
That was a long time ago but it was around five or six books.
11) What’s A Book You Can’t Wait To Read?
Well, I can’t wait to read A Court of Wings and Ruin but of the books I currently have, I can’t wait to start Wolf by Wolf.
12) What’s A Series You’d Recommend to Everyone?
Throne of Glass, Lux or The Mortal Instruments
13) Who’s An Author You’re Hoping Writes More?
I really love Lisa Maxwell and I know she has a new book coming out soon but I hope she writes more after that.
14) A Few Books Your Heart Adores?
A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (again), Obsidian by Jennifer L. ArmArmentrout, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
15) What Series’s Coming Conclusion Makes You Sad?
The ending of the Throne of Glass series makes me so sad but I’m excited to see how it ends.
16) What Books Are On Your Wish-List?
I don’t really have a wish-list, to be honest. I just end up going to a bookstore and buying books that I’ve heard about or books from my Goodreads “to read” list.

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