Quick Scheduling and Life Update

So recently I’ve been trying to post every Tuesday and Saturday at noon but posting on a Tuesday is hard because of school and I don’t think many people are actively looking for book reviews because of work/school. Soooo because of these, I don’t know if they’re really inhibitors exactly but they are persuading me to avoid posting on Tuesday.

The entire reason for this post is to just let people know that I’m probably just going to post every Saturday with random posts on Tuesdays when I have time. Posts on Saturdays with still be posted at noon with a notification on my Instagram (@bookishqueenreads) if you’re interested. Towards the end of the year and during the summer I may have more posts on Tuesdays but I will be traveling a bit so I may not be able to. But I will try, and that is all I can really do at the moment.

I’m currently reading books very slowly because I can never find time between my homework, volunteering and being with family and friends. I have personal things going on that have also affected how much I’m reading, which sucks, but I currently have enough reviews lined up to get me about half way into January so hopefully I’ll be out of this funk by the time I run out.

Sorry for this long(ish) rambly update but I basically just wanted to let everyone know that I am changing my uploading schedule.

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