Rebel Belle Series ★★★☆☆

Rebel Belle: 4 stars 

Miss Mayhem: 3.5 stars

Lady Renegades: 3.5 stars

I’m not going to include the Goodreads summary for all 3 books because that would make this review ridiculously long. I know this review isn’t as long as my others but I really wanted to post this review because I enjoyed this trilogy.

This trilogy was, in total, an enjoyable read. All three books were, for me, quick reads that didn’t take much focus. I mean that in a good way though because while I was reading these books I was able to start another book without losing my focus on this book. Even though these books didn’t require your complete attention they were still filled with details about the characters and the settings and I loved that aspect of this trilogy.

The main character, Harper Price, is a character that I had a hard time relating to. Not because she was written poorly, because she wasn’t, but mainly because she is someone whom I have almost nothing in common with. I enjoyed not relating to Harper 100% though because I got to learn more about how she lived her life. I loved Harper as a character though there were some points where I just wanted to say “wtf are you doing girl?!?”.

Now I loved David in the first 2 books and I tolerated him in the last book. In the last book, he was someone I didn’t particularly like and he did things I don’t really agree with but I honestly think that was the point.

Bee is such a great friend throughout all 3 books and I loved her and Harper’s relationship. It wasn’t some fake friendship where they were fake and always in agreement with each other, it was real. They fought and they didn’t always see eye to eye on what they were going to do, this made their friendship seem more real and sincere.

I would only recommend this series if you are in a book slump or are looking for a quick short trilogy to read. It isn’t at the top of my recommendations list, not because it’s bad, just because it isn’t a series that I would have regretted not reading.

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