The Cursed Prophecy ★★★★★

I was sent this book by the Createspace Independent Publishing Platform after winning a giveaway on The young adult fantasy book, written by Caitlin Perry, was published on the 15th of February and is 320 pages in length.

The book starts out introducing the reader to Kay Doro who has always felt like she wasn’t exactly like the rest of her human friends. So when 2 men from an alien planet come to tell her she is the child of an alien prophecy she doesn’t doubt it. She learns that she is part of an alien race called Draconians and that she is the only one who can retrieve the Daio Delayta from the demons who have hidden it. The demons, Makiyrs, took the crystal in hopes that they will some day be able to harness the power it gives off. Kay is accompanied by a young Druid apprentice, Feartos Parinski, and he is charged with the duty of getting her to the Makiyrs castle to retrieve the stone. The two struggle to find common ground and fight quite a lot throughout the book, and they only really stop 3/4 of the way through the book. Kay slowly learns to trust Feartos, even with all the secrets he is keeping from her and this helps them attempt to steal back the crystal later. Kay risks her life to prove to the Draconians that she is not a threat like the mistranslated prophecy reads.

Honestly, I flew through this book because of the fast pace and the great writing. I fell in love with all the characters and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Kay was a character that wasn’t whiny but she wasn’t completely passive when she was told who she really was, and I honestly loved that about her. She, at least to me, showed a lot of emotion while not acting like a whiny brat. Okay well there were some points where she acted exactly like she should have and I’m thankful for that because after all she’s only human (metaphorically).  Kay is honestly a really great character who I wouldn’t mind reading about again because of how invested she is to prove that she isn’t what the prophecy claimed she would be.

I was also really pleases with how the telepathy was introduced and then carried through. It was easy to differentiate from when the characters were actually talking and when they were just using their minds to carry out a silent conversation. The author also didn’t make the entire situation easy, it gave Kay headaches when she would listen to the translations for to long. I really liked that element of the story because it explained how she was able to understand a language she hardly knew, even if it did give her a headache.

I plan on recommending this book to my friends and I might even lend it out so people can start reading it right away. I’m very thankful that I was sent this book and now I’ll sit in waiting for the next book to come out.

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