Tigers Curse series ★★★★★

4.5 stars 

I read Tigers Curse about 2 years ago and to this day it is still one of the best series that I have read. It has stuck with me and it is one of the books I always recommend when people ask me what to read next. The series is by Colleen Houck and it came out in 2011. The young adult series is entertaining and keeps you interested through out the 5 book series.

The series starts of with (you guessed it) Tigers Curse. It starts off with introducing you to Kelsey Hayes who has just embarked on a trip to India to try and break a 300 year old curse. She travels half way across the globe with a mysterious white tiger named Ren. She is faced with evil magic, dark forces and a mystical world where nothing is what she thought it would be. Kelsey risks everything to break this curse, even though it is hundreds of years old and she has no real idea what she is doing.

I won’t go into detail for every book but I honestly think they are worth the read. Each book is about 400-500 pages in length but it honestly seems like such a quick read. The author has great writing style and is very good at keeping the series interesting. The book is one of great adventure and within the 400 or so pages you are transported into a world where anything is possible, and you never really want to leave. I’d honestly love to read this series again at some point in the near future so I can relive the amazing adventure of Kelsey and Ren.

The only problem I do have with this author is that she never actually went to India to do the research for her book. I mean sure she went on google maps and looked at pictures for the forests and the airport but she didn’t actually immerse herself into the culture of India and I personally feel like that would have made the book even better. I feel like if Colleen got to experience things first hand the book would have been more culturally accurate and had more accurate first hand experiences (through the main character Kelsey). I don’t know really but I feel like it just would have given the book a little bit more authenticity if she put in some of her own first hand experiences (like arriving in India, what the driving was like, ect.). But other then that I have nothing else negative to say about the series.

While I probably won’t read Reawakened (one of her more recently published books) I still admire her work and her writing talent. Oh and did I mention that the cover is absolutely stunning?

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