Madly (potion, #1) ★★★★☆

I read Madly by Amy Alward on the website Riveted and I finished it within a day. I honestly really liked Madly enough to let it distract me from the book I am currently reading. The book is incredibly fast paced and I was  buried in the book until I finished it. This book, for me at least, was a great mix of fantasy and adventure that managed a fairly decent romance.

The main character, a girl named Samantha Kemi comes from a long line of amazing alchemists who have participated in the wild hunt for generations. Soon after being introduced to Sam the hunt is called to find a cure for the Princess of Nova, who has accidentally poisoned herself with a love potion. The hunt calls for all the competitors to try and find a cure for the illness that has befallen one of the royals. They travel the world for the rarest of ingredients, deep into magical forests and frozen tundras, facing danger every time they leave the comfort of a hotel. Sam is one of the many people called to participate in the hunt, along with her grandfather who is not so eager to join the hunt which cost the Kemi family their honor. Going against her grandfathers wishes Sam decides to join the hunt in hopes of saving her families tattered reputation. But can she really outsmart the synthetic potion company? Will she have her heart broken by the gorgeous Zain Aster before she can even finish the potion?

I’m excited to get my hands on the next book in the series (Royal Tour) to see where the Kemi family reputation ends up and how she handles the situation with Zain.


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